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The five day war resulted in the Alliance and the Empire clashed to gether in the Mobious V system, wich the imperial fleet engaged the Alliance fleets stationed there. But it resulted in the imperial fleet destroyed because of the Alliance fleets stationed there was three times bigger than the imperial fleet. The Alliance didnt know that the "imperial fleet" was actually a fleet of Zi'tcha wich had taken over the fleet. As the Zi'tcha wanted The Systems Alliance declared war on the empire

The Battle of Krytes

The Systems Alliance retaliated by attacking the nearby fleet in the neabry system both forces was equally strong in space and on land, but after 5 days of fighting both sides finally realised what had happened.


The Alliance and The Empire united in one attack at the so called "Shithole system" by both alliance and imperial soldiers, the system was once controlled by the Empire and Alliance combined and when the Zi'tcha arrived they destroyed almost everything there and the planets looked like graveyards of buildings and ship wrecks. The factions reclaimed the system and got back their planets.