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Commander Indus in battle gear

// Imperial Log 006 //

Commander Indus was born on Mars on November 22nd, 2101. He is currently one of the Marine Commanders in The Empire.

Early Life[]

Commander Indus was born Charles Indus Lucillious on November 22nd, 2101, on Mars. He was born into a military family, and was raised in the city of Dawn near the equator of Mars. When he was old enough, he joined The Empire, after seeing what Grand Admiral ForestBurger's fleet had done to the Ants during the Battle for Mars. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a Marine Commander.

Council Member[]

Indus is a member of the Imperial Council. He was very honored to have recieved such a high rank within the new government. So far, Indus has put foreward several ideas for the council including ship designs, planetary gain strategies, etc.

// End of Transmission //