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Arcturus is the center or The Systems Alliance goverment and its fleet. Arcturus is stationed in the core regions of the "new" galaxy. It has the biggest portion of the Alliance fleet in it and holds the Alliances goverment.


The station is 6.4 kilometres long, which is three dreadnought combined and it's 160 stories tall. It has 6 large hangars and 20 small fighters and drop ship hangars. It has 120 docking bays and refueling stations for all the ships. It also has a ship yard where they construct dreadnoughts.


Some say it is a small planet. It has a park in the middle of the station with artificial sunlight and a little lake where the soldiers and business men can fish when they're off duty. Throughout the station there is a MAC (Mass Accelerator Cannon) which can tear through any ship's shield in the galaxy. It has a military bootcamp, multiple baracks, a business area and military and civilian labs.


It was created in 2066 after the Zi'tcha skirmish towards earth to defend earth from any other attack towards earth. After the extermination war it got moved to the new galaxy and is hovering over the planet "New Earth", which is becoming The Alliance's new capital in the new galaxy.