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The so called "Ants" are a humanoid species roaming the so called "Perseus Veil". They are extremely accurate with their "vibro-blades" and can slice a man in two if you come too close.


The "Ants" real name is Zi'tcha, they stand 1.8 metres tall and are a bit less stronger than a human, however, they make this up with their incredible speed. The Zit'tcha also breed incredibly fast and grow fast, after the mating it takes roughly 4 months until the child is born and they are fully matured at the age of 10. But they also have the name pigmen because they look like walking pigs.They where called "Ants" by the first humans which discovered them. This is because they saw them from 300 metres above ground and in each city they have a pyramid like structure, therefore the name "Ants".


It doesn't seem like the Zi'tcha have any form of goverment we know of, for no one has ever seen a government official. They are supposed to be hidden on their home planet, the location of which is unknown. They seem to have codes of honor and when looking in to their society there is no police force they are all bound to something which is unknown.


The size of their military is unknown but they never seem to run out of supplies or men, but their soldiers are not outfitted with any armor but only swords and simple clothes. Their military is known to torture human prisoners until they die. Then they begin to rip out their insides and replace them with cybernetics which then are sent to the battlefield to fight.

Their military tactics are basically to throw in as many men onto the enemy as plausible. Sometimes it takes 10 Zi'tcha to kill one human soldier. But their military also have hovering "ghasts" to aid them in their battles; their bodies have been replaced with cybernetics and a cannon able to fire a cannon wich doesn't do very much damage, but it's a very anti-personel cannon.

The Human-Zi'tcha War[]

The major conflicts of the Human-Zi'tcha War so far are:

The Extermination War

The Five Day War

The Alliance and The Empire combined have taken down all these ships:

23,456 corvettes

241,051 fighters and interceptors

45 dreadnoughts

647 crusiers

6,538 dropships

It is unknown how many men they have lost but many find it very likely that more than 3 billion Zi'tcha soldiers have died. Many more are likely to die before the war ends.

The war has been going on since 2025 and still goes on to this day. Countless lives have been lost and none of the three factions fighting are giving up yet. Every Zi'tcha you see have battle damage from one battle or another and it seems like the Zi'tcha have evacuated all the worlds near Imperial and Alliance controlled systems and have moved them to their inner colonies.

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